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How Do You Feel About Paying $50 Million a Year for 1,125 Postal Workers Who Are Ordered to Do Nothing Each Day?

Or $2.6 million to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibly on the job? Or $25 billion to maintain unused federal property? Or billions of dollars for education even though student test scores haven’t improved in three decades of bureaucratic oversight?

If you are an American citizen, that’s how Washington is spending your money—and those are just a few of the dirty secrets that liberal politicians don’t want you to know about.

But The Heritage Foundation is exposing the waste as part of our campaign for dramatic cuts in spending and the national debt—cuts necessary to save America’s future.

But we need you to be a part of this effort through your donation to Heritage.

The Heritage Foundation is America’s most influential conservative think tank. Our 270 experts and staff are constantly making the case—to Congress and grassroots America—for budget cuts and other reforms that will return us to a limited, affordable government. Budget cuts that will stop America’s accelerating march toward financial disaster.

When you donate to Heritage, you are helping give conservative members of Congress the facts, arguments, and compelling logic they need to win the budget battles currently raging in Washington. And you’re forcing liberals to face hard facts about their fiscally disastrous policies, which America simply can’t afford.

This is a unique moment in American history. A tipping point that will determine whether we pull our nation back from the brink of financial collapse.

Will you join us?

Please use the form at the left to defeat the liberals and their agenda! And let’s keep America from the disaster of out-of-control spending.

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