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Conservative Answers on DC Voting Rights, School Choice, and Missile Defense

The Heritage Foundation has information on all of the hottest issues in Washington.

DC Representation

Congress is currently debating the DC Voting Rights Act of 2009 that would grant the District of Columbia a representative in Congress. This bill blatantly violates the Constitution and our Founding Fathers explicit intention of a federal district which would be subject to Congresss exclusive jurisdiction.

Article I of the Constitution grants Congress the authority to assign Congressional seats, but that power is limited to be apportioned among the several states, which is reiterated in the 14th Amendment. And because of the Districts unique status as the federal city, it does not fall into the category of a state. Congress simply does not have the constitutional authority to legislate voting representation for the District. If Congress wishes to provide the District a voting representative, it may only do so through a constitutional amendment.

DCs interests are already advanced by the 535 members of Congress who live and work in DC for much of the year, so this bill grants DC, which the Constitution intended to be a neutral playing field for government, a home-team advantage.

School Choice

School choice took a hit this week, as the “omnibus” spending bill stipulates that any future funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program will require the passage of a separate Congressional bill.  The program awards scholarships of up to $7,500 a year for almost 2,000 low-income students to attend private schools and has been instrumental in giving children a chance to break free from failing, violence-ridden schools.  Watch the video below to hear how DC students feel about the program.

North Korea’s Missile Test-Launch

And while the President deals with the car companies, and Congress debates DC representation, North Korea may be preparing to test-launch a long-range Taepo Dong-2 missilea missile that could reach the continental United States. A missile launch, or even observable preparations for such a launch, would be North Korea’s latest effort to pressure the U.S. and South Korea to soften their policies toward the North Korean dictatorship. North Korea is sending a signal to the new U.S. leadership that North Korea will not adopt a more accommodating stance in nuclear negotiations.

Heritages answer to the growing missile threat? A robust missile defense system. And Heritage has released a documentary on missile defense called 33 Minutes because that’s how long it could take a ballistic missile to reach and obliterate a U.S. city from a country like Iran or North Koreaonly 33 Minutes. Click here to see the trailer and here to sign up to host a screening.


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