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Conservatives: Continue Fighting for America

Disappointing. That is the result of the debt deal that came out of Congress recently.

But now is not the time to stand down.

Conservatives must continue to fight for what is right for America—regardless of what Democrats or Republicans might do. We must seek reforms to address taxes and entitlement spending and to protect our military and national defense, and we must get a handle on spending before our fiscal problem spirals any more out of control.

The Heritage Foundation is America’s most influential conservative think tank. Our 270 policy experts and staff work every day to make the case to Congress for commonsense, fiscally responsible conservative reforms. We provide members of Congress with the solid research and facts they need to make informed—and conservative—policy decisions.

Will you stand with The Heritage Foundation today by becoming a Member? When you do, you will join with more than 710,000 other committed conservatives who are making a difference in Washington. We must force liberals to face hard facts about their fiscally disastrous policies, which America simply can’t afford.

This is a unique moment in American history—a tipping point that will determine whether we continue down the road to a failed European-style state, or change course and restore the American dream of a nation where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish.

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