What Your Heritage Membership Means for America

Obamacare . . .
Automaker bailouts . . .
EPA regulations . . .
Nearly $16 trillion in national debt . . .
HHS-mandated birth control coverage . . .

Each of these steps adopted by Washington bureaucrats has led us further down the road to serfdom and closer to the destruction of democracy.

While the Left’s tendencies toward a huge centralized government make the future so dark, The Heritage Foundation stands out as a beacon of light to battle back against the liberal agenda. We strive to preserve the principles and ideas of America’s Founding by performing timely, accurate research on key policy issues and effectively marketing these findings to our primary audience: members of Congress. Heritage is Washington’s go-to resource for all things conservative.

But we can’t fight the battle against big-government intrusion without your help. Become a Member of Heritage and be part of the bulwark of American liberty resisting the liberal policies that lead to serfdom and tyranny.

And when you join today, we’ll send you a free Heritage Foundation car decal. With this decal proudly displayed on your vehicle, you can proclaim your commitment to winning conservative ideas.

Nearly 700,000 Americans are proud to call themselves Heritage Foundation members. They stand with an organization that has for almost 40 years led the charge in Washington against liberalism and for conservative principles. Just this year, Heritage has:

  • Helped make the case for immediately repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a health care plan based on free enterprise, limited government, and individual responsibility;
  • Exposed the Obama administration’s plans to gut the work requirements in welfare;
  • Revealed abuses of taxpayer money like Solyndra and other “green energy” failures; and
  • Highlighted the growing threat of Taxmageddon, when all the Obama tax hikes go into effect on January 1 of next year.

Now is the time to join Heritage, the organization Rush Limbaugh said “has the answers this country needs.”

And for a limited time, your membership contribution is worth double to Heritage and the conservative cause, thanks to a $10,000 challenge from a generous Heritage Member in the Midwest. So your membership gift of $50 is worth $100 to Heritage, and your gift of $25 is worth $50.

Become a Member of The Heritage Foundation today–and welcome to the movement!

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Join The Heritage Foundation today and become part of the effort to reverse our nation’s course on the road to serfdom. Give today and your membership contribution goes twice as far. And as a special thank you for your support, you will also receive a free official Heritage car decal, to showcase your belief in the founding principles that have made America great.