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Heritage Experts Testify on Capitol Hill Six Times in Three Days

US Capitol. Photo: Andrew Blasko.

Heritage experts testified on Capitol Hill six times last week. Photo: Andrew Blasko.

Heritage Foundation experts were busy last week, testifying no fewer than six separate times at Capitol Hill hearings.

  1. On Wednesday, Robert Rector discussed the importance of reforming welfare to promote marriage and discourage dependency. Read his full testimony (link in PDF).
  2. That same day, defense expert Mackenzie Eaglen explained sound policies for long-term planning for shipbuilding and aviation to Congressmen on the House Armed Service Committee. Read her full testimony (link in PDF).
  3. Also Wednesday, James Sherk discussed how unionized federal workers are using official time to conduct union business. “Paying federal employees to do union work interferes with providing the services the taxpayers are paying them to perform,” he told lawmakers on an Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee (link in PDF).
  4. On Thursday, Ariel Cohen offered ways to secure energy supplies in Europe and Eurasia. In testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs (link in PDF), he warned against “Russian practices that limit access to the market, tend to promote corruption, and expand Moscow‘s energy transport agenda.”
  5. Today, energy expert Jack Spencer explained the importance of allowing free markets to operate if the nuclear energy industry is to expand (link in PDF). The proposed “American Energy Initiative,” he says, also includes important regulatory reforms to remove the shackles imposed on the industry.
  6. Last but not least, regulation expert James Gattuso said the Obama administration’s efforts at regulatory reform are welcome but are really just small steps. Read his full testimony (link in PDF).

So far this year, Heritage policy analysts have testified 29 times.

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