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Is Obama Right about Absorbing a Terrorist Attack?

  • President Obama has demonstrated a cavalier and frightening approach to national security, which is based in the notion our country will ultimately absorb terrorist attacks, rather than prevent them.
  • Of course, America is a strong and vibrant nation that has proven it can recover from our darkest hours and valiantly defend our freedom. But there is no excuse to accept a situation where we put the lives of innocent Americans at risk. What city or state is the president willing to let ‘absorb’ another attack? Los Angeles? New York? Washington?
  • President Obama also contends that we “absorbed” the attacks of 9/11, and they only made us stronger. This is highly insensitive to the countless victims still mourning and the ongoing war still being waged; and sends a signal to terrorists that we may be willing to live with a state of constant threats. This also naively ignores that the next attack on our nation could be far more destructive than 9/11.
  • When President Obama ordered his administration to stop using the term “Global War on Terrorism” it was alarming. This insight should serve as a powerful confirmation that the president does not view national security as his top priority.
  • This notion that we can absorb another attack must also factor into his decision-making in Afghanistan where he has ignored military advice to increase troop levels and created an artificial date for withdrawal that has emboldened our enemy. He did so because in his own words: “I don’t want to lose the entire Democratic Party.”
  • President Obama has chosen to dismiss his role as a war-time president instead to focus on a broad-based liberal domestic agenda. Stimulus spending and massive government growth should not get in the way of our government’s ultimate priority of keeping us safe.
  • President Obama’s comments that 9/11 was absorbed demonstrate that he has a very shallow and dangerous understanding of the 9/11 attacks, their motive, their impact and the likelihood another devastating attack is on the horizon.
  • Certain actions of the White House and the Department of Homeland Security over the past two years have led many to question this administration’s commitment against preventing another Islamist terrorist attack on our soil.
  • We must not accept that another attack could be “absorbed.” The outcome of our national security policies lay completely on President Obama’s shoulders. It’s time for him to prioritize our domestic security.

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