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Just How Much Does the Federal Government Spend?

Since 2000, federal spending has grown across the board. Entitlement spending has reached a record 14 percent of GDP. Discretionary spending has expanded 79 percent faster than inflation. Under the president’s budget, spending growth will only continue to outpace revenues. In 2010, Washington will spend more than $30,000 per household — or $5,000 per household more than two years ago. Spending has undoubtedly spiraled out of control. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. In the 1980s and 1990s, Washington consistently spent $21,000 per household (adjusted for inflation). Simply returning to that level would balance the budget by 2012 without any tax hikes. The numbers associated with national spending are so large as to seem almost abstract. But, they need to be digested — and discussed. That’s why Heritage just released its annual “Federal Spending by the Numbers.” Check out this important document — and support the research that provides countless reliable reports like it. Become a member of Heritage today!

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