Discover the Dangers to Free and Fair Elections

—and 7 Safeguards to Protect Your Vote

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The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most basic civil right.

Protecting that right is critical. Knowing today’s dangers and proposed safeguards is essential for every citizen.

Congress and the states must ensure that all eligible Americans are able to vote and that their votes are not stolen by fraud or lost through administrative errors.

Every American must be able to trust the process and the results. Without that trust, the democratic system itself breaks down.

The Heritage Foundation’s free eBook Ensuring the Integrity of Our Electoral System tells you 9 “reforms” from the progressive left that are actually recipes for election fraud or untrustworthy results.

These Progressive “reforms” could lead to strife and crisis.

And you will read about 7 policies proposed by The Heritage Foundation to protect the electoral system and ensure a fair, free vote—and safeguard our republic.

The eBook is an exclusive excerpt from Mandate for Leadership, which is a thorough blueprint of conservative policies that has been placed on the desk of every President since Ronald Reagan.