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America is at a tipping point.

  • Will America reassert individual freedom—or continue our rapid slide toward European-style socialism and suffocating government control of our lives?
  • Will our children be enslaved by federal debt as Washington politicians tax and spend away our future? Or will we raise our voices and say, “No more”?
  • Will Obamacare be the beginning of a new, less free America—or will we one day look back on its repeal as the turning point that restored freedom to our citizens?

You can help decide the answers. America is not doomed to inevitable decline. At moments of crisis in our history, Americans have risen up to save freedom. And they are rising up today.

The Heritage Foundation—America’s largest and most influential conservative think tank—is leading this historic charge by

  1. Enlisting our nation’s top scholars to expose the failure of the Left, and
  2. Promoting proven solutions to bring America back to our founding principles.

Our staff of 270 works to get the FACTS to Congress, the media, and grassroots America. But this takes funding, so each week 15,000 Americans are becoming Members of The Heritage Foundation with their financial contributions.

Now it’s your turn. America needs you. To help accelerate the “conservative comeback,” please join more than 710,000 others—including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity—and become a Member of The Heritage Foundation today.

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Then, feel encouraged that in this time of crisis, you stood up. You made the choice to help preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that is our birthright as Americans.

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