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Member Questions of the Week of May 3, 2010

Gordon Strout of Sabattus, ME asks: Did GM really repay their loan? OUR ANSWER: General Motors CEO Ed Whitacres recent statement announcing that GM repaid [its] government loan in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule, was misleading. Technically he was speaking of only the remaining $5.8 billion of the total $8.4 billion on the loan from the U.S. and Canada, which was given for GM to come out of bankruptcy. Not mentioned was the $60 billion that General Motors was given by the U.S. Treasury Department which bought taxpayers an ownership share of the company. This means GM still has some 85% of the full taxpayers bailout funds tied up in government-controlled equity.

James Gilbertson of Lake Forest, CA requests: I want to hear about your new 501(c)(4), and what your aggression will be to combat the liberals? OUR ANSWER: Equipped with policy analysis from The Heritage Foundation and now with the ability to be financially and politically active, Heritage Action for America is poised to influence public policy debates in a way that no other institution in this country can. As it ramps up, you can expect to see more and more activity including a new website, grassroots action in local districts, aggressive pressuring of members of Congress and issue advocacy campaigns in the media. Heritage Action for America will guarantee that when a wavering Congressman thinks of voting for higher taxes, increased regulation, or a weaker national defense, he will be reminded that a vote for bigger government is a vote for less freedom.

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