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Missile Defenses 26th Anniversary

There was a time when we depended on coastal forts and artillery batteries, because, with the weaponry of that day, any attack would have had to come by sea. Well, this is a different world, and our defenses must be based on recognition and awareness of the weaponry possessed by other nations in the nuclear age. Ronald Reagan, March 23, 1983

Although the United States government has been researching and developing missile defense systems for more than 60 years, it wasnt until Ronald Reagans now famous speech in 1983 proposing his Strategic Defense Initiative that missile defense became a common household name. Reagan wanted America to have a defense system that defended America from the weapons of the daynuclear arms.

Since that time, the United States has been developing, testing, and deploying missile defense technology. In the past six years, the military has run 35 hit-to-kill interceptor tests, almost all of them successful. In the past year, the United States successfully shot down a broken satellite falling towards earth, proving that missile defense technology is a functioning system.

But we cant stop now. The ballistic missile capabilities of our enemies are rapidly improving North Korea is on the verge of another missile test and Iran launched its first satellite a few weeks ago, proving it can now fire a ballistic missile through space aimed at us or one of our vulnerable allies. And if the United States does not build a missile defense base in Europe, we will have zero defense against an Iranian missile.

The Heritage Foundation has released a documentary on the urgent call to protect America. It’s called 33 Minutes because that’s the longest it would take a ballistic missile to reach and obliterate an U.S. city from a rogue state like Iran or North Korea. Just 33 Minutes. Watch the trailer below or sign up to host a screening.

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