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You Could Be a Federal Criminal Right Now and Not Even Know It

Overcriminalization—thousands of vague, overbroad federal and state criminal laws and regulations—means that no one is safe from unjust prosecution and punishment.

Many of the dozens of new criminal laws that Congress passes every year include prison time and heavy fines for conduct that most citizens would never guess is prohibited. (And that doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of punitive federal regulations that carry force of law!)

Can you imagine any greater threat to your personal liberty? We are facing a frightening and unprincipled expansion of federal criminal law.

The Heritage Foundation is exposing this threat to our core constitutional values—so citizens like you are protected from runaway government.

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When you join Heritage, you will help us provide our friends on Capitol Hill with the facts and compelling arguments they need to rein in this proliferation of laws and regulations that keep citizens in fear.

This is a unique moment in American history. Concerned citizens, regardless of their political beliefs, are feeling the impact of unfettered government intrusion into their lives—and they are angered by it.

There may never be a better opportunity than right now to turn the tide of overcriminalization and restore sanity to the American criminal justice system.

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Praise for One Nation Under Arrest

“Literally thousands of laws exist that most people don’t know about and which penalize conduct that few would even imagine was criminal . . . [This] is a must-read for anyone concerned with modern attacks on our most basic liberties.”

—Mark Levin, Host of The Mark Levin Show and author of Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

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