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Prioritizing Americas Defense

Despite the Lefts complaints about the cost of the War in Iraq, they showed their hand last week when they supported a stimulus bill that was more than we have spent on the Iraq War in 5 years. They dont want to support our militarythey only want their liberal policies.

Our enemies are ramping up their militaries Russia and China are building new aircraft carrier fleets and Iran has launched its first satellite. North Korea continues to brag about its stockpiles of nuclear weapons-grade plutonium, and media reports suggest North Korea is preparing to test launch a long-range missile that could carry a nuclear warhead all the way to Alaska or California. Meanwhile, Al Qaeda continues to wage war against America, while we just hope that Iran and North Korea do not share their missile and nuclear technologies with them.

Yet what is the response from Washington? Despite President Obamas campaign promise to increase military personnel, he has set out to trim the Pentagon budget by 10%, and to spend a trillion dollars on liberal priorities instead. Our enemies are not spending their money on doubling the Departments of Education and Energy and $200 billion worth of state and local pet projects. They are spending their money on weapons and increasing their military.

It only makes sense that if our enemies have ballistic missile capabilities, we should have missile defense technologies. It is the governments responsibility to provide for the common defense, and that starts with protecting the country from its greatest fear: a nuclear missile attack. The Heritage Foundation has been a leader in promoting missile defense for 25 years, and this week were releasing a documentary called 33 Minutes on the urgent call to protect America. Thirty-three minutes is the longest amount of time it would take a ballistic missile to reach and obliterate an U.S. city from Iran or Iraq or North Korea just 33 minutes.

Now is not the time to have a shell game with the American people about defense spending, and its certainly not the time for us to fall behind militarily. For years we have been paying for our defense out of spending supplemental bills, and while President Obama rightly moved it to the regular budget this year, his budget teams announcement of the 10% cut confused the whole process.

America needs a transparent defense budget that prioritizes protecting Americas vulnerabilitieslike missile defense. The world may or may not get richer in the next few years, but it is not likely to get less dangerous, and with missile defense we have a concrete way to secure our future.

To watch the 33 Minutes trailer: click here.

To host a screening of 33 Minutes: click here.

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