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In the last decade, attacks on religious freedom have intensified, and religious Americans are feeling the effects.

Americans of all faiths are threatened when the U.S. government tries  to close their businesses, seize their homes and properties, and create lawsuits that will strip away all they own— just for exercising their First Amendment right to religious freedom.

This may sound too crazy to be true, but it’s happening as we speak.

Luckily, The Heritage Foundation has studied many cases where people of faith are bullied and attacked by the very government that is supposed to protect their First Amendment rights to practice their religion. We have published an ebook with everything you need to know about this issue.

In this guide to protect freedom of religion, you’ll learn:

  • Key ideas in the religious freedom debate
  • Examples of people of faith who stood up for their beliefs
  • How to answer some of the hard questions about what religious freedom means in America